Terminals Assortment

Terminals Assortment

In addition to terminals assortment, we also provide other products, such as earth insulation piercing connector, air conditioner terminal, fan, bowl hoop, and more. All our products have received CSA, CE, ROHS and SGS certificates and have been widely used in many regions, like Southeast Asia, Europe, and South America.

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DETAIL RV1.25-3.7 10 MDD1-250 10
RV1.25-5 10SV2-5 10 10
FDD2-250 10 BV2 8
FDD1-250 10 SV1.25-3 10
RV2-5 10 RV1.25-5 10
BV1 10 RV2-4 10
RV2-3.7 10 RV5.5-5 5
SV1.25-5 10 RV5.5-6 5
MDD2-250 10 BV5 5
MEAS 584636CM
G.W/N.W 23/22
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Other Products
    1. Non-Insulated Terminal
    2. Non-Insulated Terminal Non-Insulated TerminalS4 Parameters Size of cable: 0.5~1.5mm2(American standard 22~16) Max. current=19A Size of cable: 1.5~2.5mm2(American standard 16~14) Max. current=27A Parameters Item No. (mm) Dimension(mm) B
    1. Non-Insulated Spade Terminal
    2. Non-Insulated Spade Terminal Parameters Item No Stud Size (mm) Screw dia.d2Φ Dimension(mm) B L F E DΦ dΦ SNB 1.25-3.2 #4 3.2 5.7 16.0
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